If you are interested in purchasing an item, then please email me quoting the number of the piece which you like. Then I can send you images of similar items I have currently available, with their prices.
Blue and White Vessels.jpg
Batch 2 Thin 2 3 Bowls Edited
Two Medium Houses.jpeg
Small Slip White Bowl.jpg
Three Pendants.jpeg
Tall Vessel Blue White.jpeg
Five Boxes.jpeg
1 House 1 finger bowl.jpeg
Two pink vessels.jpeg
Five Houses Yellow Wallpaper.jpeg
Small Barium Vase.jpg
Assorted Brooches and Pendants.jpeg
Bride Ceramic with bride Paraphernalia.jpeg
Tall Grey Vase.jpg
Slip and Glass Bowls.jpg
Four Houses Yellow Wallpaper.jpeg
Barium Angels.jpg
Xmas Tree on Twig.jpeg
Three Boxes.jpg
Tall Blue Vase.jpg
Red Xmas.jpg
Tall Barium Vase.jpg
Star On Twig.jpeg
Seychelles Green Bowl.jpg
Cream Vessel.jpg
Cream and Blue Glass Bowl.jpg
Five Pendants.jpeg
Pink Hearts.jpg
Doves in Bowl.jpg
Neptune Circle Bowl.jpg
Seychelles Green Bowl 2.jpg
Neptune Angel.jpg
Four Pink Vessels.jpeg
Sea Glass.jpg
Three Doves.jpg
Long Pendants.jpg
Bisqued Xmas Trees.jpg